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Dana Shirt Shop

Your Local Apparel Specialist 

Dana Shirt Shop is a local apparel company in Bend, Oregon birthed from Dana Signs in Redmond, OR. It is now operated in the same building as Dana Signs’ sister company M.C. Smith Signs here in Bend, Oregon. Our mission is to provide customers with a high quality local apparel printing service. Our unique Direct to Garment style printer allows us to provide customers with full color prints at no additional cost, and gives us the ability to accommodate smaller quantity orders. Unlike screen printing where the ink lays thick on the shirt, direct to garment printing leaves infuses the ink into the shirt for a smoother soft shirt. Our digital printing can capture natural fades in artwork and color blends which is one of the reasons why artists, designers, and businesses like our products!





Dana Shirt Shop

615 SW Umatilla Ave

Redmond, OR 97756